How to Design High Frequency PCB More Reasonable


How to Design High Frequency PCB More Reasonable

1. In the design of high frequency PCB, the shorter the trace length, the better, and the shorter the parallel distance between two lines, the better.

2. The smaller the number of vias, the better.

3. The wiring direction between layers should be vertical, that is, the top layer is the horizontal direction, and the bottom layer is the vertical direction, which can reduce the interference between signals.

4. Increasing grounded copper can reduce interference between signals.

5. Packing processing of important signal lines can significantly improve the anti-interference ability of the signal. Of course, the interference source can also be packaged to prevent it from interfering with other signals.

6. Connect decoupling capacitors across the power section of the integrated circuit.

7. When the digital ground and analog ground are connected to the common ground wire, a high-frequency choke device should be connected, which is generally a high-frequency ferrite bead with a wire through the center hole.

High Frequency PCB

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