How to Distinguish the Pros and Cons of Electronics PCB


1.The electronics PCB The standard rules of size and thickness, the thickness of each circuit board is different, the customer must first measure and check whether the finished PCB board meets the thickness and specification requirements of the product.

2. Light and color, the outside of the circuit board is covered by ink. This is used to insulate from the outside world. If the color of the external surface is not bright, there is no luster, the ink looks very thin, and some have small spots of exposed copper. , This is not good.

3. The appearance of the welding seam. The circuit board has many parts. If it is uneven or poorly tinned, the welding will not be good. The parts are easy to fall off, which will seriously affect the welding quality of the circuit board. The appearance of the board should be good, which can be carefully identified, and the welding interface should be stronger. It is even more important.

The electronics PCB

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