The Role of Each Layer of Printed PCB


The role of each layer of the Consumer Electronics PCB

1. Signal layer: Mainly used to place components or wiring. Protel DXP usually contains 30 middle layers, namely Mid Layer1~Mid Layer30. The middle layer is used to arrange signal lines, and the top and bottom layers are used to place components or deposit copper.

2. Protective layer: It is mainly used to ensure that the parts of the circuit board that do not need to be tinned are not tinned, so as to ensure the reliability of the circuit board operation. Among them, Top Paste and Bottom Paste are the top solder mask and the bottom solder mask respectively; Top Solder and Bottom Solder are the solder paste protection layer and the bottom solder paste protection layer, respectively.

3. Silk screen layer: mainly used to print the serial number, production number, company name, etc. of the components on the circuit board.

4. Internal layer: Mainly used as a signal wiring layer. Protel DXP contains 16 internal layers.

Consumer Electronics PCB

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