The Reason Why Industry Control PCB are All Even Layers


1. The odd-numbered circuit boards are easy to bend. When the industry control PCB is cooled after the multilayer circuit bonding process, the different lamination tensions of the core structure and the foil-clad structure will cause the PCB to bend. As the thickness of the circuit board increases, the risk of bending of the composite PCB with two different structures of the PCBA OEM foundry is greater. The key to eliminating circuit board bending is to use a balanced stack. Although the PCB with a certain degree of bending meets the specification requirements, the subsequent processing efficiency will be reduced, resulting in an increase in cost. Because special equipment and craftsmanship are required during assembly, the accuracy of component placement is reduced, which will damage the quality.

2. A signal layer and use it. This method can be used if the power layer of the design PCB is even and the signal layer is odd. The added layer does not increase the cost, but it can shorten the delivery time and improve the quality of the PCB. Add an additional power layer. This method can be used if the power layer of the design PCB is odd and the signal layer is even. A simple method is to add a layer in the middle of the stack without changing other settings. First, follow the odd-numbered PCB layout, and then copy the ground layer in the middle to mark the remaining layers. This is the same as the electrical characteristics of a thickened layer of foil.

the industry control PCB

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