Substrate Material Problem for PCB Manufacturing Process


The material problem generated by the mass change of PCB laminate is, which occurs in different batch of raw materials in manufacturers or products manufactured in different pressing loads.Next, the general problem associated with the substrate material during the PCB manufacturing process.    
Signature: Printed adhesiveness, poor coating adhesion, certain parts cannot be etched away, and some parts cannot be soldered. 
Examples of inspection: Usually used water graphics that can be seen on the surface of the board for visual inspection.  
Possible reasons: Because of a very dense and smooth surface caused by the release film, the uncoated surface is over light.

Usually, the laminate producer does not remove the needle hole on the copper, which causes the resin to flow out of the copper foil.

The copper foil manufacturer applies excess antioxidants on the surface of the copper foil, and the laminate manufacturer changes the resin system, the mold release, or the brush method. Due to improper operation, there are many fingerprints or oil, in the improving, sheet or Drop the oil during the drilling operatio

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