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Medical PCB

Techigh is a professional medical PCB manufacture in China mainland,Our company has a long history of manufacturing medical boards. We have ISO13485:2016 medical product certification. We can process PCBs for blood glucose meters and breathing machine. The product process is stable and reliable. We have a long-term and in-depth cooperation with well-known American brand manufacturer. We are expecting to develop long-term and stable cooperation with major medical device manufacturers, and provide customers with high-reliability medical device PCBs.

There are many types of medical devices. Medical equipment can be divided into four categories: high-value medical consumables, low-value medical consumables, medical equipment, and IVD (in vitro diagnostics). Medical PCBs are mainly used in medical equipment and in vitro diagnostic products. Medical equipment includes diagnostic equipment and treatment equipment. At present, the medical PCB processed by our company is mainly used in blood glucose meters, breathing machine s and other equipment.

Medical PCB are widely used in medical devices, especially in the electronic development trend of medical devices. In the global fight against COVID-19 situation, medical devices such as breathing machine play a key role. Many countries will continue invest medical devices in future and medical PCB will be in large demanding.

The main characteristics of the medical PCB are high reliability requirements, high product stability, relatively simple processes. There are many types of medical equipment products, and different products have many differences in the functions used. The characteristics of PCB products are diversified, and the main requirements are stable quality and high product reliability.

We have built many medical PCB used in breathing machine/ Glucometer PCB/Patient monitor, etc.

For the medical PCB, we have complete quality management system, we have ISO9001:2015/ IS014001:2015/ ISO13485:2016 etc, certifications.

We have excellent customer service system, pre-sales and after-sales responding fast, EQ confirmation within 24 hours, technical support, production are running 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. To provide a quick sample, provide competitive production delivery, based on customer special requirements, we internally set up a green channel to meet customer special requirements.
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OEM Medical PCB is offered by Techigh. We are one of the leading China Medical PCB manufacturers and suppliers. Our products are high-quality and low-cost. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.Welcome to visit our factory.
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