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Industry Control PCB

Techigh is a professional industry Control PCB manufacture in China mainland,we has a long history of manufacturing industry controlling boards. We can process PCBs for inverters, sensors, servers, instrumentation equipment, industrial robots, etc. The product process is stable and reliable. Our company has cooperated with well-known industry controlling computer equipment manufacturer Advantech, well-known audio equipment manufacturer Zhongding Technology, and electronic toy/learning machine manufacturer V-Tech,etc.Our company are expecting to cooperate with manufacturers in the field of industry controlling companies, provide customers with high-reliability industrial control PCBs.

Industry controlling products have a wide range, including inverters, servers, PLCs, DCS, CNC, industrial robots, etc., and the corresponding PCB applications are also very wide.Industry Control PCB are mainly used in equipment from the field of industrial automation. In the historical trend of global Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet, industry Control PCB will have a wide range of needs. The main features of industry Control PCB include long life cycle, complex using environment, electromagnetic anti-interference, high-density requirements and high-power heat dissipation requirements, etc., PCB processing technology is diversified, and reliability requirements are high, mostly using medium and high Tg materials, with impedance controlling requirements.

There are many types of process characteristics of industry Control PCB, including impedance control boards, resin plug-hole boards, and half-hole craft boards, bonding craft boards, buried copper blocks, etc. Some critical parameters as below:
(1)Impedance controlling: >= 50ohm, ±10%,< 50ohm ±5ohm
(2)Finished board thickness: 1.0mm above +/-10%,1.0mmbelow  +/-0.1mm
(3)Surface treatment: ENIG, OSP, Carbon oil, immersion silver, immersion tin, gold plating, HASL/LF HASL, and multiple surface treatment.

For the industry Control PCB, we have complete quality management system, we have ISO9001:2015/ IS014001:2015/ ISO45001:2018/IECQ QC080000:201 certifications.

We have excellent customer service system, pre-sales and after-sales responding fast, EQ confirmation within 24 hours, technical support, production are running 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. To provide a quick sample, provide competitive production delivery, based on customer special requirements, we internally set up a green channel to meet customer special requirements.
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OEM Industry Control PCB is offered by Techigh. We are one of the leading China Industry Control PCB manufacturers and suppliers. Our products are high-quality and low-cost. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.Welcome to visit our factory.
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